Beach Vacation: Shrimp boil and skillet cornbread

One of my favorite vacation destinations is North Carolina’s Outer Banks. I’ve only been there twice, but every time it’s a week of heaven–swimming, reading, shopping at my favorite Independent bookstore, and eating amazing food. Sadly, I live in Ohio, and I can’t get to the Outer Banks whenever I want. ¬†So I love to … Continue reading

Spicy Chicken Thighs for Matthew Francis

The cousin closest to me in age is my cousin Diane, who lives in Houston now with her Italian husband and three kids. Today she gave birth to the third, a son (their first), whom they named Matthew Francis. This recipe is hereby named after him; I was going to make this tonight anyway, but … Continue reading

Drunken Tuscan Pasta

This is one of my favorite things to make, especially when I have company, because it’s such a filling, healthy meal: add a salad and you’ve got the entire menu! I’ve served it at dinner parties with either this or this. The only thing about it to really note is that it takes an entire … Continue reading

Dinner party salad: Jackson Salad

This salad is a big hit at my fall/winter dinner parties, when I don’t want to make my balsamic strawberry salad because strawberries just aren’t as good out of season. The best part is it’s all made of things I keep around in the house, except for the lettuce, which I usually need to buy … Continue reading

Roasted asparagus

Simple, easy, classic–and the best way to eat asparagus (In my opinion) Asparagus spears Salt and pepper extra virgin olive oil Preheat over to 400. Lay out asparagus on a rimmed baking sheet. Trim the asparagus (do this by bending the strips in half and discard the ¬†bottom portion), place on baking sheet, and drizzle … Continue reading