French Onion Soup

OK, yes, there are a million versions of this. I’ve tried Ina’s, I’ve tried Julia’s. This one is from Joanne Harris’ My French Kitchen. Since it’s snowing, snowing, snowing outside, I thought soup would be an excellent dinner, especially one that requires lots of hands-off time, like this one does. I’m not going anywhere (really can’t go anywhere–my … Continue reading

French Garlic Soup

Over the past week, I had the cold bug that’s making the rounds. And when you have a cold, what do you want? Soup. At least, I do. I ate the soup I had on hand in cans (which I stockpile for occasions like this), but then I wanted more. So I started going through … Continue reading

Egg drop soup

From Rachael Ray’s original 30 Minute Meals comes this simple, lovely recipe. Does it get much more simple than this? Probably not. Egg Drop Soup (Stracciatelle) For every two bowls: 2 14 oz. cans no fat-low sodium chicken broth 2 eggs 3 tbsp. grated Parmigiano Reggiano cheese a pinch ground nutmeg black pepper, to taste … Continue reading