Summer Scafata

Oh, my goodness people. Please make this soon. This seems very simple. Boring, even. And Zucchini? Please. But everything comes together and cooks and becomes….divine. I was doing a happy dance in the kitchen after my first bowl of this.  This is a simple vegetable stew that will make you believe in veggies.  After about … Continue reading

The Perfect Carbonara

I can’t believe I haven’t posted about this until now! Bad me! So, it’s snowing again. This year, there’s been a lot of that. So I was pondering my lunch options, and then I realized: carbonara. It’s perfect for winter (It’s really perfect anytime, though it’s more of a fall/winter dish, in general) and I … Continue reading

French Garlic Soup

Over the past week, I had the cold bug that’s making the rounds. And when you have a cold, what do you want? Soup. At least, I do. I ate the soup I had on hand in cans (which I stockpile for occasions like this), but then I wanted more. So I started going through … Continue reading

Thanksgiving: The Turkey!

This Thanksgiving, I was in charge of the family turkey. I have been waiting many years for this opportunity. 🙂 My mom has a Pampered Chef Celebrations cookbook, and in it is a delicious turkey breast recipe. For years I have thought about making this. Our family is small-ish–five of us–so we don’t need a big turkey. … Continue reading

Mustard Pork Chops

From Nigella Express This five ingredient meal is a delicious way to cook pork chops. It has a bit of a French influence, according to Nigella. Let the sauce boil for a bit at the end before taking off the heat, so the sauce will thicken. Serves two (one of those rare two person recipes!) Mustard … Continue reading