Meal plan though March 30, 2013

Today: Prima Ballerina Salad

Thursday: Rachael Ray’s speedy southwest: Steak and tomato/avocado salad

Friday: Out to dinner!

Saturday: Lunch: Salad with tuna and avocado

3.24: Scrambled eggs with peppers

3.25: Nigella’s steak recipe from Nigellissima (steak in marinade)

3.26: Mozzarella salad

3.27: Roasted salmon and veggies

3.28: Holy Thursday

3.29: Good Friday–day of fast and abstinence, so not a whole lot of “meal” happening here!

3.30: lunch: Lentil soup, dinner: Quick Shrimp (the lentil soup may get bumped to Good Friday. Otherwise it’s going to be something like PBJ)

3.31: Easter! Lunch at Buca di Beppo, which means Buca will probably be our dinner too. (GO LEFTOVERS)



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