Eating Down the Kitchen

I got this idea a few years ago from then Washington Post blogger Kim O’Donnel. The idea is what it sounds like: don’t shop for groceries, but use what you already have in your house. (Except she called it Eating Down the Fridge, which is a great thing to do, as well.)

I try to do this at least once a year, usually before or during winter. I have a lot of odds and ends in my pantry–usually pasta–and in the fridge–things like sour cream, cheeses, butters, etc. So the goal is to “use up” as much as possible during the time span. Usually it’s a week. Tonight I’m just doing “eating down the pantry” pasta, which is going to be the end of some penne (I’m not usually a penne girl, but I love it with pasta puttanesca. I’ll share that recipe ASAP, it’s great for winter!) and some Prego as the sauce. Maybe some capers in the sauce. Yes, I’m using Prego (which is the best sauce, in my opinion, after my homemade), because the pasta sauce I make doesn’t keep forever (I really should learn how to can it) and thus, Prego is my fall back.

So tonight, very simple: penne, cooked to al dente, Prego, and some parm on top.

Keep an eye out for my Basic Tomato Sauce, and the Pasta Puttanesca! These are great things to try as winter approaches and we batten down the hatches.


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